FVCSA - Constitution


(the “League”)


  1. Game Laws and Rules
  1. Games shall be refereed according to FIFA rules and regulations except where these have been modified either by addition, deletion or substitution by the League.

  2. All modifications to the FIFA rules and regulations are to be published and distributed to team representatives, as that term is defined in the League’s Bylaws, prior to the commencement of the playing season for each calendar year.

  3. The FIFA rules and regulations, as modified and distributed to the team representatives, will apply for the duration of that season, except where those rules are inconsistent with the League’s Bylaws.

  4. Every game shall be conducted in a Christian manner, each participant striving to conduct themselves as image-bearers of their Creator, and in accordance with the Mission Statement and spirit of the League, both on and off the field.

  5. “Unsportsmanlike conduct” shall be interpreted by the referees as conduct unbecoming an image-bearer of Christ and shall be strictly enforced during, before, and after games.

  1. General
  1. Preliminary team rosters, complete with individual addresses must be submitted by a submission date stipulated by the league. Official rosters must be finalized and submitted by the end of the second week of the season.

  2. A team unable to field at least 7 roster players forfeits the game, and the result of the game will be a 3-0 loss to the forfeiting team. If neither team can field a team, then the result will be a 0-0 draw.

  3. Teams wishing to replace a player on their Official Roster, because of injury or other reasonable circumstances, may permanently add a player after approved application to the Executive.

  4. The following Formula shall be used for determining the Standings:

    1. # of Points (3 for a win, 1 for a tie, less penalty points)

    2. # of Wins

    3. Goal Differential

    4. Goals For

    5. Head-to-Head

    6. Coin Toss

  1. Game Day
  1. The teams participating in a game are to make every effort to keep the game facilities tidy.

  2. The Home Team must:

    1. Ensure that the field on which a game will be played is clearly and adequately lined with white paint designed for that purpose by the scheduled game time;

    2. Provide a good quality size 5 game ball;

  3. Both teams must report the results of the game, along with a record of the cards issued and the referee’s game MVP selections, to the Commissioner and webmaster within 24 hours.

  4. Each team in a game is responsible for providing its own goal net, corner posts and sideline flag.

  5. Each team in a game is responsible for providing a linesman who has a good understanding of the rules (particularly offside), to line one side of the field. Before each game, the referee is to question the linesmen, to ensure they are familiar with the rules that they are expected by the referee to call. If, during the course of the game, the referee adjudicates that a linesman is not completing his duties to a satisfactory standard, the referee will relieve the linesmen of his duties and replace that person with another appropriate linesman.

  6. The Executive may, after issuing warnings where appropriate, assess penalty points against teams that are guilty of infractions of clauses 3(a)-(d). 

  1. The Game
  1. There shall be a maximum of 9 men per team on the field at any one time during a game. In addition, there must be a minimum of 1 girl per team on the field or the team forfeits the game and will incur the leagues forfeiting fines.

  2. Substitutions may only be made at approximate ten minute intervals during the game, such times to be decided by the referee.

  3. Each player shall wear their team shirt which requires a number on the back, approved shin pads and regulation soccer shoes for the duration of the game. Jewelry may not be worn.

  4. New teams that have been accepted into the league must choose a jersey color that is not in conflict with an existing team.

  5. There shall be no rescheduling of games once the final schedule is determined, except by application to and approval of the Executive. 

  6. Games that are abandoned due to weather or mutually unforeseen circumstances after the game has begun, shall be resolved as follows. If the abandonment is:

    1. before the half, the result will be a nil-nil draw; and

    2. after the completion of the first half, the game results at the time of abandonment stand as the final results.

  7. If a team is unable to field a team for a scheduled game, they may approach other teams to arrange an exchange of games already scheduled in order to avoid a forfeit. The executive must be notified of such actions.

  8. Each team may only play players from their roster. A team may not play a player that has been suspended. If an ineligible player plays in a game, the game will be a forfeit and the offending team will incur a $50 fine.

  9. Under no circumstances may games during the final two weeks of the season, or playoff games, be rescheduled.

  10. In order to play in a game, a player must be on the field before the end of the first half. If a team rep knows a player will be late, they must notify the refs. The late player will try to make it on the field for the last substitution of the first half. If they are unable to make that, they can then ask the ref for a substitution with 2 minutes left in the first half, so that they are on the field to finish the first half.

  1. Discipline
  1. Any combination of cards, either two consecutive yellows in a single game, or within 5 games of each other, or a red card will result in a suspension.

    1. A suspension nullifies previous cards. (These cards will still apply to team penalty points in the standings.)

    2. First occurrence automatically results in a single game suspension.

  2. Second occurrence automatically results in a two-game suspension.

    1. Third occurrence automatically results in ejection for the duration of the season.

    2. All suspensions are reviewable by the League Executive members. The League executive may alter the suspension according to circumstances.

    3. Cards do not carry over into the playoffs.

  3. Suspensions carry over into playoffs. The league executive may review if it is appropriate for a suspension to carry over into the following season. Cards do not carry over into the playoffs.

  4. Yellow cards count as 1 point and reds as 2. Teams that accumulate 12 penalty points during the season will not be eligible to participate in the playoffs. Teams that accumulate 9 penalty points shall lose 3 points in the standings. Teams that accumulate 15 points will be expelled from the league.

  5. Each team shall pay a bond of three hundred dollars ($300) at the time that league fees are paid. A fine of fifty dollars ($50) shall be assessed for the following infractions: failing to attend General Meetings and failing to report game results on time. The Executive shall also have the discretion to fine for other infractions not occurring during a game. 

  1. Other Rules
  1. Teams may request to not play some select days of the season. These dates must be submitted by the season opening meeting.

  2. Games must be forfeited at least 24 hours before the scheduled game time slot. If a game is forfeited with less than 24 hours notice, the forfeiting team must pay the full referee fee and will be fined $50. This will come from the team’s bond of $300.

  3. Abuse of referees will not be tolerated. There will be zero tolerance of verbal and physical abuse of referees. The executive will look at all cases and may hand out suspensions, fines, expulsions, and cards for such behaviour.

  4. Referees will be allotted games to officiate from the executive. The executive will decide who referees and lines’ which games. At any time the executive has the power to switch the referee or linesmen for a game with someone else.

  1. List of Additional Fines and Consequences
  1. This is a non-exclusive list of fines and consequences that may be administrated by the executive in its sole discretion:

    1. Late roster submission - $50 per week it is late.

    2. Non-attendance of meetings - $50.

  2. Returned Cheque (NSF) - $50.

    1. Play an ineligible player or a suspended player - $50 fee, referee fee, 3-0 loss, team rep receives a red card.

    2. Failure to return field bathroom fob - $75.

    3. A formal complaint from a municipality about a team - $50.